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    Obesity and Fatty Liver in Children

    "Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease" (NAFLD) is a condition that coincides with the ever-present, worldwide obesity epidemic. Though this illness has been well-documented in adults, its effects on children are less frequently discussed, leaving concerned parents with little information on how to protect their children’s health. ...

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    My Kids May Have High Cholesterol Diets That Help and Foods to Avoid

    High cholesterol is often thought of as an adult and senior health problem. To many people’s surprise, kids often struggle with this issue as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 7.4% of children and adolescents suffered from high cholesterol in 2015 (the equivalent of 5.4 million kids). ...

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    Kids and High Blood Pressure Diets That Help

    When most people think of hypertension, more commonly known as “high blood pressure,” they immediately think of older individuals, especially those with co-occurring medical conditions. Yet, this hypertension in children is just as much of a public health concern as it is for adults. Fortunately, with the right diet, you can alleviate and prevent symptoms...

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    Dental Checkups and Heart Health in Children

    People are often surprised to learn about the connections between dental hygiene and heart health in children, especially concerning children with preexisting medical conditions. For example, kids with congenital heart defects (CHDs) face higher risks for contracting dental illnesses such as tooth decay, ...

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    Association of Cardiorespiratory Fitness Levels During Youth with Health Risk Later in Life

    Researchers have recently discovered further connections between children's cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) and consequential health risks later in life. In studying this phenomenon, the team reviewed over 55 studies that observed 37,563 youths altogether. Ultimately, the results demonstrated that parents must pay greater attention to their child's heart health early on, as it may reduce the...

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    Effectiveness of Fludrocortisone and Salt in Preventing Syncope Recurrence in Children

    Neurocardiogenic syncope is a common and recurrent phenomenon in children, with a peak incidence in the teenage years (1)....

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